Meet Flip the fish

  • by Anna Bushell
  • 25 Apr, 2016

Flip goes live on the web...

This is 'Flip' the fish.  He's going to help Flipper Tots swimmers in their quest to learn to swim.  He'll be guiding the way and showing them all his latest tricks!  A cheeky little fish who loves to blow bubbles and whizz through the water.  He's always happy to help little ones with gaining their water skills.
Flip is now visible on our website and with our newly designed title too.  Watch this space for the adventures of Flip the fish.
by Anna Bushell 30 Apr, 2017
Lilypad Baby are jumping in with both feet to hold a ‘Splash-a-thon’ with their swimmers from Monday 1st - Friday 5th May. Swimmers will have fun splashing around in the pool (based in Thurlstone, South Yorkshire) covering key water confidence skills. The older Swim Stars will also have the opportunity to learn some important water safety skills. 

Lilypad Baby founder, Anna Bushell explains further, “The RNLI is such an important organisation who’s volunteers put their own lives at risk, when we need them most. It doesn’t matter how good a swimmer you are, the sea can be a dangerous place and we all hope that we never need the assistance of the RNLI, but when we do, it’s important that they have the right kit to do their job properly. A full kit costs over £1500 per volunteer and it’s only through the generous donations of the public that the RNLI can raise the cash needed. Our little swimmers will have a fun time, splashing around learning the key elements of water safety and at the same time raising money for this worthy charity.”

Lilypad Baby swimmers will have their own sponsorship forms to pass amongst family and friends and there will be a collection tin during the week at lessons in the hope that the much needed funds can be raised for the RNLI.

If you would like to find out more about the RNLI fundraising event and get involved, visit
To find out about Lilypad babyabout swimming lessons with Lilypad Baby, in their warm, private pool, visit
by Anna Bushell 12 Jan, 2017
Infant Massage has been around for centuries as a well known art passed down from generation to generation.  Historians have found evidence of baby massage dating back over 3000 years across the World.  Since the mid to late 1990's baby massage has become very popular in the UK, with more emphasis placed on physical bonding and attachment between the parent and baby.

It is easy to find well documented benefits to baby massage, such as how it can help to improve relaxation, encourages longer sleep duration, stimulates all of a baby's major systems, helps strengthen the bond between parent and child and relaxes both mother and baby.  Baby massage can also help to relieve many symptoms, gas and colic being one.

Infant colic (also known as baby colic) is a condition in which an otherwise healthy baby cries or screams frequently and for extended periods without any discernible reason.  The condition typically appears within the fist two weeks of life and almost invariably disappears, often very suddenly, before the baby is three to four months old.  It is more common in bottle-fed babies, but also occurs in breast-fed infants.  The crying frequently occurs during a specific period of time, often in the early evening.

The main problem with this condition is the stress and anxiety is creates at home, especially if it's a first child.  Mum may find being unable to comfort her new baby stressful, as well as finding it difficult to cope with the constant crying, so it's important for her to have support and to take a break if things get on top of her.

At Lilypad Baby we offer massage classes that go through a step by step guide to massage strokes that can help to alleviate symptoms of colic.  Techniques are explained and demonstrated with simple handouts that can be used at home.  Our classes are baby-led and non-judgmental.  We endeavour to provide a warm, relaxed, peaceful environment, where parents feel confident to ask questions and discuss any concerns they may have.  So if you feel your little one may benefit from a daily massage, then do get in touch and we can discuss the current availability of classes with you.  Or why not give the gift of a Lilypad Baby voucher to an expectant mum?  All our vouchers can be used on any of the Lilypad Baby classes on offer and have no expiry date too.  Contact us by emailing or call 01484 868122

Resource: Hands On Babies
by Anna Bushell 30 Aug, 2016
Its that time of year again we start checking we have everything all set and ready for our little one's return to school.  No more "I'm bored" and arranging play dates to keep them happy.  We can delight that they will be spending time with their friends again learning lot's of new and interesting things.
What we may forget that all this excitement and new routine of school for Key Stage 1 children can actually make them rather tired at the end of the day!
It is quite common in Swim Schools to find children happy to be back in the pool again but after a few weeks, they can sometimes struggle to listen, wait their turn or even 'forget' how to do the perfect strokes they once knew!
It's at this point that parents can begin to wonder what is wrong with their child.  At Lilypad Baby Swim we always reassure our parents that a 'dip' in capability in swimming lessons is really very common and is often down to tiredness.
Children need time to re-adjust back into the routine of school and after-school clubs and activities.  
Sometimes some children have had such a busy summer that they don't always go back to school refreshed and ready for the start of a new school year!
So if your little swim star starts to struggle in their swimming class, don't fret.  They won't lose what they have learnt, they're just a wee bit tired and need time to settle back in to the day to day routine of school life!
by Anna Bushell 16 Aug, 2016
Most people know the benefits of learning to swim, not only for how much fun it can be but also because it is such an important life-saving skill.  Introducing babies to a swimming pool environment, has never been so popular.  Parents are fortunate with a number of businesses now offering Baby and Pre-School swimming classes across the UK, allowing them to choose the right class for their individual needs. 

Baby and Pre-School classes are a wonderful opportunity to have quality time with your baby and promote so many positives such as bonding, physical exercise for mum and baby, relaxation to name a few.   So it is often anticipated that those much awaited classes are going to be nothing but fun and pleasurable.
It's true that most swim classes will be fun, however, what if your baby screams throughout the whole lesson and what happens if they start to do this every week?  This is one of the main reasons parents and carers stop classes with their babies - because it becomes too stressful, where neither mum/dad and baby are happy and why pay for something that baby is not enjoying?

At Lilypad Baby Swim we are used to this scenario and have helped many babies and parents over the years to work through a baby's unhappiness in the pool.  

For younger babies we always recommend a Baby Wrap or Snug.  These are swimsuits that are made of neoprene material and help baby to feel much more secure and warmer in the pool.  Like adults, different babies are affected in different ways to water temperature.  Some children like the water on the cooler side, others prefer it at bath temperature!  
We have had babies start our classes and after a couple of weeks it becomes apparent that they really aren't happy being in the pool.  Its at this point when we have put baby in a wrap and it's like someone has waved a magic wand.  They are calmer, more settled and before you know it, you would never know that 'they were the baby that screamed through the whole of the lesson!'  Many of these babies have carried on with the swimming lessons right up to school age and have learnt to swim without the use of arm bands.  They are confident, happy children, who love nothing more than going to their swimming lessons - a far cry from those first few weeks.

So if you're little one is showing signs of not enjoying being in the pool, then try a Baby Wrap first before you decide to quit.

Splash About have a variety of Baby Wraps available, click here to see their range:

by Anna Bushell 01 Aug, 2016
We often get asked for advice at Lilypad Baby about what type of swimwear to use for holidays with little ones.  There are a number of points that need to be taken into consideration.  Firstly, if you are going abroad for some guaranteed sunshine, then protection from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun is a must!  UV suits with high factors of 50+ are readily available from most supermarkets.  Ones that have sleeves and legs are good as this protects more of your baby's skin.  

There is also a wide variety of sun hats available that have a long flap at the back to protect their neck and these ones are often ok to get wet in the water too.
Something to bare in mind with these suits is the temperature of your baby.  If the hotel pool water is on the cool side, the UV suit won't keep them warm, like a wet suit type material one does.  The UV suits only protect their skin from the sun and won't keep them warm.

As mentioned, temperature is something else to be aware of.  Hotel pools in warmer countries are not generally heated and so depending on what time of the year you go, the pool water may not be that warm.  Keep an eye on your babies lips and fingernails.  If they start to get a bluish tinge, then they probably have had enough and need to be warmed up.
Always pat your baby dry rather than rub them dry to warm them up.  It's safer for babies circulation to be patted dry.

If your baby is used to being submerged under the water, remember that in most lessons, depending on their age they will only do around a maximum of 6 swims in  a 30 minute lesson.   So maybe pour water over their heads instead.  You don't want your baby taking on too much water.

Finally, flotation aids can be used but never relied upon to leave your baby unattended, even for a second.  Always stay vigilant, even with confident little ones.  But most of all, have fun with your baby, splash, blow bubbles and let them see what fun it is to be in a swimming pool.

To view a full range of swimwear for babies, please click on this link:

Happy Holidays!

by Anna Bushell 23 May, 2016



Learner swimmers in Lilypad Baby Swim can be assured that they are getting the highest quality lessons after Lilypad Baby signed up for the STA Swim Star Swim School Programme.

The programme, launched by STA (Swimming Teachers’ Association), one of the world’s largest swim teaching and lifesaving organisations, is the first of its kind and is designed to help independent swimming schools achieve the highest standards of teaching.

By signing up to it, Lilypad Baby, which teaches swimming at Stonehill Pool, Thurlstone, near Penistone has committed to providing excellent standards and has pledged to maintain them through delivering the globally renowned International Learn to Swim Programme.  

Zoe Cooper, Sales and Marketing Director at STA, said the Swim Star programme will offer another level of reassurance to parents who entrust the care of the children to the swim schools.  

“We are thrilled to welcome Lilypad Baby to the Swim Star programme,” she said. “There are many excellent independent swim schools across the country but those signing up to our scheme, like Lilypad Baby, are providing extra assurance to their customers of their commitment to maintaining the highest of standards in teaching.”  

Anna Bushell founder of Lilypad Baby, comments “Lilypad Baby Swim are delighted to be associated with the STA Swim Star programme as it allows our customers to see that high standards and service are the core values of our business. Lilypad Baby customers will be able to monitor the progress their little one makes along their journey of learning to swim.”  

To be accepted as an STA Swim Star, independent swim schools have to complete an online audit to ensure they adhere to minimum standards; demonstrate that they are actively working towards STAmark, an accreditation process. Additionally they must sign a 3-year service level agreement with STA, committing to deliver its International Learn to Swim Programme.  

Schools accepted onto the programme will be able to promote their Swim Star status using STA’s range of marketing materials.  

For more details about STA Swim Star Swim School programme, contact STA on   01922 645097   or email   .  

For all media enquiries, please contact:  

Anna Bushell, Lilypad Baby, 01484 868122

by Anna Bushell 25 Apr, 2016
This is 'Flip' the fish.  He's going to help Flipper Tots swimmers in their quest to learn to swim.  He'll be guiding the way and showing them all his latest tricks!  A cheeky little fish who loves to blow bubbles and whizz through the water.  He's always happy to help little ones with gaining their water skills.
Flip is now visible on our website and with our newly designed title too.  Watch this space for the adventures of Flip the fish.
by Anna Bushell 18 Apr, 2016
Taking your children to baby and pre-school swimming lessons really does give them a skill for  life.  But what many parents don't realise, is that you can enjoy pool holidays much sooner than you think.   Babies are taught right from the very beginning how to submerge under water.  They are taught how to kick, kick, kick back up to the surface, to use their arms to propel them through the water, how to blow bubbles and bring their head up out of the water to breathe.  All of this is done in fun, interactive lessons, through repetition and song.
Parents are continually surprised at how quickly their little ones develop water confidence and can be swimming across a pool before they have even started school.
All of this without the use of arm bands, we only use floats to develop swim positions and encourage kicking and propulsion.
So when investing in your babies water skills, know that you too will soon be watching your child have fun in the pool and be safe.
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