Your little ones swimming may take a dive when they go back to school

Its that time of year again we start checking we have everything all set and ready for our little one’s return to school.  No more “I’m bored” and arranging play dates to keep them happy.  We can delight that they will be spending time with their friends again learning lot’s of new and interesting things.
What we may forget that all this excitement and new routine of school for Key Stage 1 children can actually make them rather tired at the end of the day!

It is quite common in Swim Schools to find children happy to be back in the pool again but after a few weeks, they can sometimes struggle to listen, wait their turn or even ‘forget’ how to do the perfect strokes they once knew!

It’s at this point that parents can begin to wonder what is wrong with their child.  At Lilypad Baby Swim we always reassure our parents that a ‘dip’ in capability in swimming lessons is really very common and is often down to tiredness.

Children need time to re-adjust back into the routine of school and after-school clubs and activities.
Sometimes some children have had such a busy summer that they don’t always go back to school refreshed and ready for the start of a new school year!

So if your little swim star starts to struggle in their swimming class, don’t fret.  They won’t lose what they have learnt, they’re just a wee bit tired and need time to settle back in to the day to day routine of school life!