Attending classes from a baby means your 4 year old may be able to do this…

Taking your children to baby and pre-school swimming lessons really does give them a skill for  life.  But what many parents don’t realise, is that you can enjoy pool holidays much sooner than you think.   Babies are taught right from the very beginning how to submerge under water.  They are taught how to kick, kick, kick back up to the surface, to use their arms to propel them through the water, how to blow bubbles and bring their head up out of the water to breathe.  All of this is done in fun, interactive lessons, through repetition and song.
Parents are continually surprised at how quickly their little ones develop water confidence and can be swimming across a pool before they have even started school.
All of this without the use of arm bands, we only use floats to develop swim positions and encourage kicking and propulsion.
So when investing in your babies water skills, know that you too will soon be watching your child have fun in the pool and be safe.