Lilypad Baby’s Top 10 Tips

For starting Baby Swimming lessons

Baby Swimming lessons are a great way to spend quality time with your little one.  Here at Lilypad Baby we know how sometimes parents can find the whole thing a bit overwhelming.  So we’ve compiled some of our customers top 10 tips for starting baby swimming lessons…

  1. Avoid skinny jeans – it can be very humid and hot in changing rooms, so wear loose clothing that is easy to remove and put back on again.
  2. Baby will be hungry – Bring a bottle or be prepared to breastfeed very soon after the lesson.  Children get hungry and thirsty very quickly after swimming.  Bring something for yourself too, you’ll be amazed how much energy you need for baby swimming.
  3. Sort yourself first – wrap baby up all snug and warm and get yourself dry and dressed first so that you don’t drip water all over your baby whilst trying to get them dry and changed.
  4. Bring an extra towel – it doesn’t need to be a big bath sheet, but the neoprene swim nappies can hold a lot of water.
  5. Put your swimming costume on before leaving the house – it’s so much easier whipping your clothes off to get into the pool, especially if you’ve been delayed by an unexpected dirty nappy.
  6. Avoid activities after swimming – Baby (and you) will be tired, so if you need to catch up on some sleep, get yourself home fast for a lovely long nap.  Its common for babies to have a good long sleep after swimming.
  7. Give yourself time to get baby ready for swimmingSwim Nappies can be tricky to get on – The neoprene nappies are designed to be a tight fit, so that they keep any accidents in the nappy!  As a result, give yourself that extra 5 mins to squeeze them in!
  8. Try and relax – sounds obvious but when you’re stressed, baby picks up on this and becomes stressed too.  If you’re not confident in water, find a swim school that take your needs as the parent/carer into consideration too.  A teacher who cares for the parent is just as important as one who is concerned about how many lengths your baby can swim!
  9. Bring a change mat – sometimes changing areas can be wet on the floor, your own dry change mat will help getting baby dressed.
  10. Do a dummy run – if you’re not sure where you are going, do a dummy run so that on the day you are not stressed getting lost or struggling to find somewhere to park or work out what entrance to use!


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