We all want our babies to reap the benefits of baby swimming, but for some parents it’s 30 minutes of the week they dread.

Most people know the benefits of learning to swim, not only for how much fun it can be but also because it is such an important life-saving skill.  Introducing babies to a swimming pool environment, has never been so popular.  Parents are fortunate with a number of businesses now offering Baby and Pre-School swimming classes across the UK, allowing them to choose the right class for their individual needs.

Baby and Pre-School classes are a wonderful opportunity to have quality time with your baby and promote so many positives such as bonding, physical exercise for mum and baby, relaxation to name a few.   So it is often anticipated that those much awaited classes are going to be nothing but fun and pleasurable.
It’s true that most swim classes will be fun, however, what if your baby screams throughout the whole lesson and what happens if they start to do this every week?  This is one of the main reasons parents and carers stop classes with their babies – because it becomes too stressful, where neither mum/dad and baby are happy and why pay for something that baby is not enjoying?

At Lilypad Baby Swim we are used to this scenario and have helped many babies and parents over the years to work through a baby’s unhappiness in the pool.

For younger babies we always recommend a Baby Wrap or Snug.  These are swimsuits that are made of neoprene material and help baby to feel much more secure and warmer in the pool.  Like adults, different babies are affected in different ways to water temperature.  Some children like the water on the cooler side, others prefer it at bath temperature!
We have had babies start our classes and after a couple of weeks it becomes apparent that they really aren’t happy being in the pool.  Its at this point when we have put baby in a wrap and it’s like someone has waved a magic wand.  They are calmer, more settled and before you know it, you would never know that ‘they were the baby that screamed through the whole of the lesson!’  Many of these babies have carried on with the swimming lessons right up to school age and have learnt to swim without the use of arm bands.  They are confident, happy children, who love nothing more than going to their swimming lessons – a far cry from those first few weeks.

So if you’re little one is showing signs of not enjoying being in the pool, then try a Baby Wrap first before you decide to quit.

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