Baby Sign classes now in HD8…

Lilypad Baby are delighted to be offering Baby Sign classes at a private residence in Scissett, Huddersfield.  Our classes are held on Tuesday & Thursday afternoons at 1.30pm at £5 a class. (We can sometimes run a morning class if demand is required.)

The sessions are baby-led, fun, interactive with toys and musical instruments galore!
You don’t have to be an opera singer to make the most of our classes, or have experience of sign language.
Our classes are for the absolute beginner, to the seasoned pro. Come and join us for some fun, laughter and be amazed at how you can communicate with your little one before they have learnt to talk!

What are the benefits of Baby Signing?

  • Empowers babies to communicate earlier:  Having the skills to communicate early is important for a child to make choices and make their needs known.
  • Boosts self-esteem:  Feeling valued and understood can greatly improve self-esteem.  When a baby uses signs and is rewarded, for example he signs milk and then is given his bottle of milk, he realises that what he has communicated has been understood and using the communication has been worthwhile.
  • Reduces frustrations:  Signing can significantly increase the number of words a child can produce, which expands the topics you can talk about and reduces frustration for both child and adult.  Successful communication can also decrease undesirable behaviours like, tantrums and aggression.
  • Complements language skills and speech development: Many people have the misconception that using sign language may delay or interfere with their child’s verbal language.  Research has found that the opposite is true and that signing can actually accelerate language and speech development.  Signing reinforces verbal language as it adds a visual and kinaesthetic emphasis to auditory input.
  • Enhances bonding and interaction: Signing with your baby requires a great deal of eye contact; babies will feel they are receiving the parent’s full attention.  As using sign language can aid early communication, it can help adults have a better understanding of what children are thinking at an earlier age.  This can lead to better bonding between children and adults in their lives.
  • Parents understand what child wants/needs:  A whole new insight into the baby’s world, as the baby can communicate through signs what he wants, or sees, or feels or needs.
  • Teaching parents songs and rhymes:  Particularly with a first child, many parents do not know which songs or rhymes to sing to their baby.  By attending baby signing classes, parents will be able to learn new songs/rhymes, boosting their own confidence and self-esteem.

What is Baby Sign?

Baby signing is a form of communication with your baby before he/she has the ability to talk, using extended gestures such as BSL (British Sign Language) ASL (American Sign Language) or Makaton.  Babies naturally use a combination of gestures and sounds to help their parents understand them.  Baby Signing uses standardised signs based on British Sign Language (BSL). Babies and toddlers will be able to communicate what they want and how they feel.
It is well known amongst hearing parents of deaf children and deaf parents of hearing children that babies learnt to communicate earlier through sign language than speech.
“Baby signs are simple gestures that you add to your normal speech when you are talking to your baby.  Gestures that allow her to communicate before she has mastered the complexity of spoken language.  From the age of about seven months – long before her speech has been developed – the muscles in her hands are sufficiently formed to enable her to make gestures.  When she ‘waves goodbye’ or shrugs her shoulders, she is demonstrating her ability to do this.  Baby signing is just a natural extension of what she already finds very easy to do.”
Dr Joseph Garcia, ‘Baby Signing.’

At what age can my baby start the classes?

From 16 weeks or 4 months on-wards is a good age to start the classes.  Some children start the class as old as 18 months.