Baby Yoga

What is Baby Yoga?

…the union of balance of body and mind.  Our Baby Yoga sessions incorporate massage, soft stretching and gentle movements to make it appropriate for babies, ensuring a fun and rewarding experience for both parent and baby.

Baby Yoga is an interactive routine performed with baby and their primary care giver. Mothers or carers may help their baby into carefully developed movements that work well for a baby’s tender body. The movements may include gentle stretching of limbs, and may also practice correct breathing by encouraging the babies to imitate their mothers’ breathing patterns.
Additionally, aside from the bonding and flexibility that baby yoga may impart, yoga also has other benefits for babies. Yoga can help babies become aware of their own bodies younger in life, it aids in strengthening the spine, improves muscle condition, imparts flexibility to their joints, improves breathing and oxygen intake, helps them with balance, improves organ function and helps to prevent illnesses. Baby Yoga has been proven to be safe.
Baby yoga is a centuries old tradition that provides both mother and baby with significant and undisputed benefits that are widely endorsed by medical practitioners across the world.

What are the benefits to Baby Yoga?

Baby yoga is beneficial to the growth and development of babies. Their health, well being and growth improve.
Yoga helps to relieve blockages of tension in the body. Tension can block the flow of energy and cause the body to tighten and become painful. A colicky baby may have tension in the digestive system.
The benefits to babies, and this is not an exhaustive list are;
  • improves relaxation,
  • encourages longer sleep duration for infants,
  • helps to relieve the effects of colic, constipation and wind,
  • stimulates all of a baby’s major systems, such as co-ordination, respiration, digestion, learning ability and language development.
  • It helps to strengthen the bond between parents and child,
  • relaxes both parent and child,
  • helps balance, co-ordination and motor skills,
  • allows babies to move freely,
  • strengthens their bodies and develops reflexes,
  • improves learning and social development,
  • aids bonding, trust and social interaction.
  • It stimulates the brain,
  • develops physical confidence and spatial awareness,
  • improves muscles development,
  • promotes better quality of sleep,
  • enables bonding with baby on an emotional and physical level,
  • promotes confidence in handling baby,
  • it especially offers a great opportunity for Dad’s as well and
  • provides a great social environment for mother and baby.

At what age can my baby start?

It is considered safe to begin Baby Yoga 8 weeks after a natural birth, but please note that many moves in the routine are best suited to babies over 16 weeks. Mum’s who have had c-sections should wait a little longer as some parts of the routine may put a little pressure on the abdominal muscles. Please check with your Doctor before taking part in the class. Fathers can join whenever they like but any back problems do need to be advised on before commencing classes.
We offer baby yoga classes along the same principles as our baby massage classes.
Baby Yoga classes cost £8 a session, including refreshments and mats are provided.
Baby Massage and Baby Yoga combined class is a 10 week course costing £76.
*Please note this is not ‘Mummy Yoga’ but Baby Yoga*

Our Venue…

Holly Road in Scissett, is a private venue, utilising an orangery to hold the classes.  A warm, relaxing space where babies and parents can feel at ease.  Our classes are spread throughout the day on Tuesday’s and Friday’s so do check availability with us to find a time that suits you.
This bright space is used for larger groups and predominantly through the warmer months.  Please check with us for venue availability.

There is roadside parking and a car park behind the mill premises, with steps leading up to The Party Parlour.

Sessions are completed bare foot by parents/carers.
Please wear loose clothing as you will get warm during the session. Layers are good for winter months!**
**Please advise if you wish to attend as we hold some of the classes at a private venue in Scissett during the winter months**
Baby Yoga

Yoga mats are provided, but please bring your own nappy change mat.

Water will be available throughout the session and refreshments are served as part of the hour class, giving mums/carers the opportunity to have a chat after the yoga.

We are breast feeding friendly.

A microwave is also available for use.
Pushchairs can be brought in, but please note there are 4 steep steps into the venue.
Car seats are fine.

Holly Road Venue

Holly Road, Scissett, HD8

The Party Parlour, Scissett, Huddersfield